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Second life?s official guide printed book is a novelty in internet-based virtual world platforms, as it is written by those who create the platform itself. It even has a foreword by Philip Rosedale, CEO of the company. It is also eternally hopelessly out of date, as the book?s revisions cannot keep up with the VR?s.

The book walks beginners through getting started in Second Life and customizing their avatars; tells them where to go, what to see, and how to define their virtual existence; and ends with a (somewhat biased) discussion of the future and impact of Second Life.

It also links to a great many noteworthy builds within the world, the vast majority of which seem to be long-gone.

As an incredibly novel act for a book about an online virtual world with streaming content updates, it has a companion CD with textures, templates, Avimator animation software, sample animations, videos, and a code for ?exclusive? in-world content (as its exclusive, hardly anyone uses it).


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