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Advanced Dungeons and Dragon?s Monster Manual provides an excellent range of creatures for the inspiration and reference of those builders who plan to include classical mythological beasts in their worlds.

Whilst this reference book is one of the core rulebooks for the popular AD&D table-top roleplay worlds, it also functions as an excellent source of material for those who work in other worlds. Featuring general overviews of over 500 creatures, as well as specific data relating to their position in the AD&D universe, the Monster Manual is an exceptional resource for builders.

The book doesn?t only focus on those beings that might be considered ?monsters? however, it also dedicates a degree of space to the more common races such as elves and gnomes. It also includes beasts such as bears and wild cats in briefer descriptions, with more space being given over to the commonplace monster races, such as gnolls, goblins and orcs, as well as those that might be consdiered less common, such as otyugh, or krenshar.

A number of the illustrations in the book could be improved upon, and on occasion a little too much time is spent with one creature, such as dragons, but overall this is such an informative text that it could prove invaluable.


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