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Michael Heim, the author of this book, describes modern 'VR' as a pale imitation of real VR. On this point, he is of course, all too correct. He then goes on to state that the real thing is fast approaching. We'll soon be able to totally immerse ourselves in detail-rich, highly interactive artificial worlds.

Heim explains this encroach ovf VR in intreguing ways, always in the midst of some debate or another, mixing the opinions, presenting both sides of every argument. He concentrates on, not just pushing the virtual, but syncing VR with the physical world, so that it becomes a real part of every day existence.

This book looks into military vr, commercial vr, industrial, and gameworld use. In virtually every field, there is a use for VR, and this book, whirlwinds them all. Pure artistic worlds, campaign worlds, educational and training worlds. Thrusting forwards to the virtual, yet maintaining a hold on the physical. An unmissable read.


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