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This is the region 1 DVD only. Will only work in US, or Canadian players.

Tron was released in 1982, and was the very first Hollywood feature film to take computer mediated reality (virtual reality) seriously.

Flynn used to be a computer programmer for a mega-corporation. He was fired for attempting to hack into the system in an attempt to prove that five video games created by a co-worker were in fact created by Flynn, and stolen by that co-worker who is now meteorically rising up the ranks.

Not put off with being fired, Flynn hacks the system from outside, sending program after program in to try and find proof. Inside the computer, the programs interact as humanoid creatures in a decidedly cyberpunk-like environment. Time and time again Flynn?s programs are defeated by the Master Control Program which runs the company network; a program so big and complex that it has gained sentience for itself, and is slowly bent on conquering the physical world, infiltrating and breaking it, one corporation at a time.

Flynn?s latest program, Tron, is the best of them all. Unfortunately, a lock-down of the mainframe by the MCP, forces Flynn to sneak into one of the company?s labs to upload Tron. Whilst doing so, he is scanned my a matter digitiser, and brought into the computer as a program himself. A program with the skills, abilities, intellect and drive of a first rate computer programmer.

The race is on to see if Flynn and Tron can find Flynn?s evidence, and stop the MCP?s attempts at global domination before the MCP can delete Flynn.

The ongoing cyber-battle comprises the mainstay of the film, and whilst the graphics are simple, belying their age they are perfect for conveying a sense of an environment which on the one hand, looks artificial to the inhabitants of our world, but at the same time, is clearly natural in its own.

The environment in many ways, embodies the ideal of Virtual Reality. Fully tactile, and fully immersive. All the programs feel the environment around them, and really know it when they hit something. Olfactory senses, visual, taste, smell, all are present too, within the virtual.


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