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Site Shop > Virtual Storytelling. Using Virtual Reality Technologies for Storytelling: International Conference Proceedings 2003

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the second International Conference on Virtual Storytelling, ICVS 2003, held in Avignon, France, in September 2003. Taking the original blurb from the 2003 conference:

If you are using or developing tools or algorithms that can be used to author digital stories, if you are interested in Virtual Reality technologies as real and efficient solutions for creating interactive 3D content or optimizing and managing their production, then you should not miss Virtual Storytelling'03, the second edition of the International Conference on Virtual Storytelling, which will occur on November 20-21, 2003 in Toulouse, the 4th biggest French town that is very famous as for its heritage treasures that for its high-tech industry.

This international conference will gather researchers from the scientific, artistic and industrial communities to demonstrate new methods and techniques, show the latest results, and to exchange concepts and ideas for the use of Virtual Reality technologies for creating, populating, rendering and interacting with stories, what ever their form be it theatre, movie, cartoon, advertisement, puppet show, multimedia work, video-games...

This book is thusly a collection of all 24 major papers from that conference, covering a very diverse, fascinating range of topics essential for all manner of VR creation, not just storytelling.

The topics covered in 240 pages are thus:

* Seizing Power: Shaders and Storytellers

* Real-Time lighting Design for Interactive Narrative

* Interactive Out-Of-Core Visualisation of Very Large Landscapes on Commodity Graphics Platform

* ACinematography System for Virtual Storytelling

* Authoring Highly Generative Interactive Drama

* Character-Focused Narrative Generation for Execution in Virtual Worlds

* Managing Authorship in Plot Conduction

* Authoring Edutainment Stories for Online Players (AESOP): Introducing Gameplay into Interactive Drama

* From the Necessity of Film Closure to Inherent VR Wideness

* Virtual Storytelling: A Methodology for Developing Believable Communication Skills in Virtual Actors

* Stories in Space: The concept of the Story Map

* Mediating Action and Background Music

* The Effects of Mediation in a Storytelling Virtual Environment

* Context Design and Cinematic Mediation in Cuthbert Hall Virtual Environment

* Group Interaction and VR Storytelling in Museums

* Beyond Human, Avatar as Multimedia Expression

* Building Virtual Actors Who Can Really Act

* The V-Man Project: Towards AutonomousVirtual Characters

* Tell Me That Bit Again...Bringing Interactivity to a Virtual Storyteller

* A New Automated Workflow for 3D Character Generation

* Using Motivation-Driven Continuous Planning to control the Behaviour of Virtual Agents

* The Art of Mixing Realities

* "Just Talking about Art! - Creating Virtual Storytlling Experiences in Mixed Reality

* Users Acting in Mixed Reality Storytelling

* Is Seeing Touching? Mixed Reality Interaction and Involvement Modalities

* Using Virtual Reality for "New Clowns"

* Storytelling for Recreating Our Selves: ZENetic Computer

* A Distributed Virtual Storytelling System for Firefighters Training

* CITYCLUSTER - "From the Renaissance to the Megabyte Networking Age" - A Virtual Reality & High Speed Networking Project

* A Storytelling Concept for Digital Heritage Exchange in Virtual Environments


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