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 Next on satnav: 3-D city views and road warnings

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Date posted: 18/05/2007

The new generation of Sat-Nav systems are turning to 3D views, terrain elevations, and building silhouettes in an effort to make consumers upgrade.

Pedestrians will soon be able use such systems to find out whether to take a taxi or the underground, and when the next bus or train is set to leave the station, Alain De Taeye said at the Global Technology, Media and Telecoms Summit in Paris on Wednesday.

His company, Tele Atlas is already gathering relevant data through vehicles it uses for mapping. Equipped with six cameras, they capture both a road and its surroundings.

"You end up with a video database of the whole world the way it is in 3D," De Taeye said.

"The technology is fully developed ... and we're launching 50 cities in Europe this year. If you take a cab in Japan you already see it live on the in-car navigation system."

Tele Atlas is also extending its maps to incorporate public transport options such as buses and subways as well as data on pedestrian shortcuts that cars cannot take.

"If you combine it with traffic data, you can calculate whether you should take your own car, a cab, or the metro," De Taeye said, adding the company had such a prototype system for Paris.

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