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Futureworld is the sequel to Westworld, yet it takes an entirely different direction. Meant to be the film that spun the Westworld franchise into an anthology set, instead it was the film that buried it. Futureworld has some great ideas, and like many films of the era, is a goldmine of nuggets concerning robotic technology, virtual reality, augmented reality and social implications.

However, the film is sorely let down by a glacial plot progression pace, and acting that goes far beyond simply hammy. It feels forced, and disjointed in sections. It also tends to be one of those films where nothing happens for the first half hour, but action is a bit rushed at the end.

The premise itself is simple After the disaster that was Westworld, Delos corporation have spent years recovering, and are now back, stronger than ever. They have built a new robotic theme park, and have advanced the robotics considerably. So far in fact, that there are many operational changes in the new park, and Delos have wider plans than that.

Two news reporters, having heard rumours of problems in the new park after a colleague vanished, start investigating the park, and in the end are invited to stay over by the corporation. There, they discover more than Delos really wanted them to see, and stumble into a plot to replace humans with android doubles, ultimately giving Delos a high degree of control of world affairs.


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