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 Pentagon to Merge Next-Gen Binoculars With Soldiers' Brains

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Date posted: 05/06/2007

The U.S. military is increasingly looking at robotics systems and direct brain interfaces for it?s war units. So, perhaps this development should come as no surprise.

Luke's Binoculars (after the high-tech binoculars Luke Skywalker uses in Star Wars), or more formally, the Cognitive Technology Threat Warning System (CTTWS) is intended to utilise a pair of extremely high zoom capacity binoculars, 10x the zoom of any pair available today, that are directly connected to an alerting system that is itself hardwired directly into the wearer's prefrontal cortex.

The plan is it will be able to warn of furtive threats detected by the soldier's subconscious.

The most far-reaching component of the bionics has nothing to do with the optics: it's Darpa's aspirations to integrate EEG electrodes that monitor the wearer's neural signals, cueing soldiers to recognize targets faster than the unaided brain could on its own.

Darpa says it expects to have prototypes in the hands of soldiers in three years.

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