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A joystick is one of the simplest and most basic interface devices for computer generated environments. It consists of a stick, inserted into a base, that is gripped and pulled about by one hand. All movement on the joystick is translated into a difference in angle between the stick and the base, and this is used to determine movement.

Most joysticks are two dimensional, meaning they can only understand up/down and left/right. However, it is possible to have a 3D joystick where the stick can also be pulled out of the base or retracted, adding the third dimension.

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The Vocal Joystick is a hardware interface for those with severe disabilities such as motor impairments. Provided they can make sounds with their larynx, even if they are not words, the user can navigate a virtual environment, or web page.

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VR Interfaces: Novint Falcon
Novint Falcon is a commercial grade haptics unit. Essentially, it is a 3D joystick that responds with the full range of force: Weight, shape, texture, dimension, dynamics and force effects.


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Using a deceptively simple set of experiments, researchers at Johns Hopkins have learned why people learn an identical or similar task faster the second, third and subsequent time around. The reason: They are aided not only by memories of h...

Say "ahh" and the cursor zips toward the northeast corner of the computer screen. "Ooo" sends it shooting straight south. Want it to head southeast? Say "ohh." To make the cursor do a circle or figure 8, let vowel sounds bleed into on...

CROWS (Common Remotely Operated Weapons Systems) are large calibre, tele-operated guns. They sit alone in a given area, and are operated by someone inside an armoured vehicle with a joystick and live camera.

They have proved ...

The Dream-Racer is a simple cap that fits over the head, worn as normal. Inside it, are has four motion sensors that detect small movements of the head. It essentially turns the head into a joystick.

The technology was origin...

Florida Atlantic University has filed a provisional patent for a robotic tele-medicine rehabilitation aid for patients with nerve signal damage to their hands and arms.

Inventors, Dr. Oren Masory, chair and professor of mech...