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Resource List:  Early haptics
This resource list deals with what might well be termed early uptake haptics - the haptics systems which are finally leaving the lab, and amoung the first to find real, practical use in medicine, education, and industry.
(Image, copyright SGI - a VR Wielder)

Locally Hosted resource Virtual Reality Welding Trainer

Silicon Graphics Inc and VRSim Inc created a fully immersive VR based training system for welders. The Virtual Reality Welding Trainer uses SGI?s technology and the essence of VR to provide maximum hands-on training in what can be a hazardous occupation for the untrained? welding metals together. The Welding Trainer incorporates an actual welding gun with full haptic feedback, and a custom HMD headset which fully immerses the trainee in a realistic motion-tracked 3D welding environment.

Locally Hosted resource Surgical Simulators

In a strange twist of logic, endoscopic surgeons are starting to benefit from the technologies used in flight simulators. Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, at Harvard Medical School, Albany Medical Centre, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have combined to work on surgical simulators.

Locally Hosted resource Home-Use Haptic Pointers

Novint Falcon, is basically the first true haptic controller for home use. Essentially, it is a 3D joystick that responds with the full range of force: Weight, shape, texture, dimension, dynamics and force effects.

Locally Hosted resource Haptic Prosthetics

The art of prosthetics moved forwards once more in early 2007, and the first artificial arm that returns a sense of touch to the nervous system.

Locally Hosted resource Hand-Covering Detectors

The haptic technologies developed for virtual reality, are starting to find their way into augmented reality as well. These metal detecors were developed for the British police, and are just a pair of thick gloves. Gloves that happen to vibrate with haptic feedback when they pass over metal.