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VR Interfaces: ADHF1 Metal Detector Glove


Overview of ADHF1 Metal Detector Glove
Police in the United Kingdom are starting to augment their bodies with technology, in order to better perform their duties. Crude augmented reality equipment is already becoming standard issue.

One such device is the ADHF1 Metal Detector Glove. Powered by one standard 9V battery embedded inside each glove, the gloves will run without recharge for around six months. They are quite literally hand-contained metal detectors, with all the delicate electronics protected by a neoprene sheath which also renders the gloves weatherproof.

Additionally, the sheath is puncture, slash and fire resistant, adding significant armour to the wearer's hand in addition to its detective functions.

Small and flexible enough to be worn under ordinary gloves, the metal detector gloves contain one metal detecting sensor plate across the palm of the hand, and a second across the back of the hand. Neither restricts grip, and it is possible to drive a car comfortably, whilst wearing them. During a pat-down of a subject, the plate will vibrate against the wearer's palm or back of their hand if it detects anything metallic from that direction, allowing a simultaneous search for from concealed sharp or infected objects on or around the subject. Used needles, iron filings, knuckle crackers, all can be detected from a simple pat-down.

The gloves will even detect the size of the metallic object detected, and adjust their vibration accordingly. The larger the object, the longer the buzz - this allows easy differentiation of what the item is - a nail or a needle will be a short buzz, a pair of knuckle dusters substantially longer.

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