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Site Shop > Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns

This book, attempts to show in general terms, as well as in specifics, just what the continuously overlapping waves of disruptive technology, will do to transform he way the world learns. Whether or not educational institutions choose to try to keep up, business training has to adapt, if it is going to continue to succeed.

If schools don?t at least try to keep up, they risk becoming even less relevant in the near future, than they are today ? training students for a world that no-longer exists.

This book attempts to lay down clear strategies for surviving a radically changing world, by explaining to educators what disruptive changes are coming and why ? providing a clear path through the maelstrom.

Amongst other disruptions, the following are critical, core points:

# Customized learning will help many more students succeed in school
# Student-centric classrooms will increase the demand for new technology
# Computers must be disruptively deployed to every student
# Disruptive innovation can circumvent roadblocks that have prevented other attempts at school reform

Basically, instead of teaching a class and pacing the learning based on the average of the class ability, or the lowest able learner, each student needs to be taught to their own individual level ? and this book explains just exactly how this will happen. Every conceivable argument against is brought to bear, and summarily blown out of the water.


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