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All of the AI game programming wisdom books have several things in common, which is very good for a series on developing AI for the same purpose. All are by the same author, all include a companion CD-Rom, and all are not so much books as they are collections of discrete articles, each focussing on one aspect or another.

The second book in the series, written a year after the first, builds on the knowledge contained in the prior volume, but at the same time, does not assume readers have read the other book.

* General Wisdom
* Pathfinding and Movement
* Group Movement, Tactics, and Planning
* AI Animation Control
* State Machines
* Architecture
* FPS, RTS, and Strategy AI
* Racing and Sports AI
* Scripting
* Learning
* Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks
* Speech Recognition and Dialogue

Unlike the prior book, this one does not assume Windows 95, and is fully compatible with XP. Those looking for non-windows development might be better looking elsewhere, although the majority of the material in the book is platform independent.

On The CD-ROM:

Material that augments many of the articles, including demos of techniques, source code from the articles in C++ primarily, with a few in C and Java. There are also high-resolution versions of the colour images, and links to useful and interesting game development sites, some of which still exist.

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