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Resource List: AI Game Programming Wisdom
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Resource List:  AI Game Programming Wisdom
The series ?AI Game Programming Wisdom? by Steve Rabin, is a series of books, from 2002 on to current times, looking in depth and from a great many industry experts, at current trends in designing all manner of minimalistic AI for interactive entertainment and escapism purposes.

Strong AI this is not, but as a practical guide for creating specific systematic AI to enhance a player?s experience of everything from opponents to troop movements, it is unparalleled.

Locally Hosted resource AI Game Programming Wisdom

The first of the series of books, this one is divided into eleven sections, covering Useful Techniques and Specialized Systems; Pathfinding with A*; Pathfinding and Movement; Tactical Issues and Intelligent Group Movement; Architecting a Game AI; Decision-Making Architecture; FPS AI; RTS AI; RPG AI; Racing and Sport AI; Scripting; and Learning.

Locally Hosted resource AI Game Programming Wisdom 2

The second of the series of books, this one is divided into many sections, covering General Wisdom; Pathfinding and Movement; Group Movement, Tactics, and Planning; AI Animation Control; State Machines; Architecture; FPS, RTS, and Strategy AI; Racing and Sports AI; Scripting; Learning; Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks; Speech Recognition and Dialogue

Locally Hosted resource AI Game Programming Wisdom 3

Written three years after the second book, in 2006, game programming wisdom 3 explores a whole new landscape for AI, as new technologies have matured. It takes a different style as well, giving an insider?s view on the creation of AI for titles such as Fable, Halo 2, and the Battlefield series.

Locally Hosted resource AI Game Programming Wisdom 4

Organised into 7 sections, this comprehensive volume explores every important aspect of AI programming to help you develop and expand your own personal AI toolbox. You'll find ready-to-use ideas, algorithms, and code in all key AI areas including general wisdom, scripting and dialogue, movement and pathfinding, architecture, tactics and planning, genre specific, and learning and adaptation.