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All of the AI game programming wisdom books have several things in common, which is very good for a series on developing AI for the same purpose. All are by the same author, all include a companion CD-Rom, and all are not so much books as they are collections of discrete articles, each focussing on one aspect or another.

Written three years after the second book, in 2006, game programming wisdom 3 explores a whole new landscape for AI, as new technologies have matured.

It takes a different style as well, giving an insider?s view on the creation of AI for titles such as Fable, Halo 2, and the Battlefield series.

Over 50 authors contributed articles to this large tome, more than either of the earlier books.

New to this volume is the inclusion of longer and more detailed articles that allow for a more in-depth exploration of each topic. With this book, you'll be standing on the shoulders of game industry giants and taking advantage of their hard earned wisdom and insights. So take these techniques, build upon them, and lead the industry toward innovative gameplay and the next generation of games.

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