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Resource List:  Virtual Sight Devices
Virtual sight devices, sometimes termed virtual light, are a class of display system which is a mix of AR, prosthetics, and VR. They have no actual display units as such, and completely bypass the human eye. Instead, they tap into the optical nerve directly, and deliver processed information to the neurons heading into the brain.

Locally Hosted resource Book Quotes: Sight Without Eyes

A quote from the book Profiles of the Future, by Arthur C Clarke on the creation of artificial eyes by decoding the optic nerve, is compared to more recent advances doing just that.

Locally Hosted resource VR Interfaces: Boston Retinal Implant Project

The 'virtual light' class of retinal displays, are perhaps unique in the display industry, because they don't actually display anything. The entire concept is built round bypassing the eye entirely, and dropping visual encoded information directly into the optic nerve.