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 Cresent secures ?250k contract for 'Virtual Reality? online emergency training

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Date posted: 09/11/2005

Cresent, an oil-industry training company, has secured a ?250,000 contract from the Abu Dhabi Company For Onshore Oil Operations (ADCO) to provide online virtual-reality bassed emergency response training for personnel at ten different locations.

Rather than using computer-generated simulations of ADCO sites, a Cresent team has taken 360-degree, three-dimensional photographs of the various locations to produce Quicktime-style VR training exercises, that unfold in real time via computer enhancement of disasters..

Cresent?s managing director, Jim Land says the new technology makes online training even more realistic than was previously possible: ?When trainees log-on to the programme, they will immediately recognise locations they work in every day. They will have to respond to fires and other emergencies using the equipment and communications that are actually available.

?The whole programme will be fully interactive, which we have already demonstrated is the most effective way for trainees to retain knowledge. It may be quite an unnerving experience for some of them, but it is hard to imagine a more realistic scenario on a computer.?

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