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 E3 2006: Microsoft unveils new wireless headset

This story is from the category Sounding the Future
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Date posted: 10/05/2006

The 360 Wireless Headset, announced as part of a spate of new hardware for the Xbox 360, at an E3 press conference, is a small ear-mounted microphone and speaker, designed in modern soft curves, and possessing easy access to volume, mute, and power buttons located on the headset itself. Powered via internal rechargeable batteries, Microsoft says the headset will be good for 8 hours of use at a time, and will also include an AC adapter for recharging.

The headset communicate with the 360 via the same 2.4 GHz radio frequency the wireless controllers use, eliminating the need for any adapters.

A small EyeToy-esque web-cam named the Xbox Live Vision was also shown. The plan is apparently to allow player snapshots and live video streaming in X-box gaming.

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