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 Active Worlds Expo 2006

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Date posted: 26/10/2006

On October 25th, 2006, the Active Worlds Expo announced it?s presence.

Active Worlds Expo is the first major tradeshow event for the ActiveWorlds 4.1 social virtual reality and alternate life platform.

The show is scheduled to run from November 3 to November 5, 2006, and is intended to showcase the potential of Active Worlds as a creative platform.

Some of the exhibitors involved with the expo include Active Worlds, Inc, the software development house ImaBot, AWPortals.com, SWCity.net, theme worlds like Avatar and Arabus, the international worlds Brasil3D and Fran?ais, and VR5 Online, a creative firm currently in development of photorealistic avatars and the emulation of Nintendo Entertainment System games from the web.

"We're all excited about the Active Worlds Expo," said Christopher Walker, exhibit co-ordinator for Active Worlds Expo. "We believe that this event is very important to ActiveWorlds? success as a consumer product. It provides an opportunity for those within and from outside our community to sample the creative potential of the software within a single weekend, and all in one place."

Active Worlds Expo will also have three open house periods each night during the weekend of the show. These open houses are times when booth exhibitors will be on-hand to talk with visitors and answer questions about their booth and their exhibitions. These open houses will begin each night November 3 through the 5 at 10 p.m. ActiveWorlds? own VRT or Virtual Reality Time which corresponds to the Atlantic time zone. This will be:

 5 p.m. American Pacific Standard Time
 8 p.m. American Eastern Standard Time
 3 a.m., British Greenwich Mean Time
 1 p.m. Australian Sydney time

The open house periods will run for approximately one and a half hours. At all other times, the booths will be unmanned.

The Active Worlds Expo is the brainchild of the user Newman111 and Christopher Walker, who desired to give the community at large an opportunity to view a small cross-section of the talent, services, or products among the community as well as to visitors and new users. Outsiders will also be able to experience many of the possibilities that Active Worlds can provide to creative artists and businesses alike during the weekend. Attendees can view the expo guide at http://www.sparklesrm.com/expo06/index.html. It includes a complete list of exhibitors, a map, and a schedule of events. The guide will be continually updated until the show begins on November 3.

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