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 Microsoft buys voice tech company

This story is from the category Augmenting Organics
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Date posted: 22/03/2007

Microsoft has purchased California-based Tellme Networks, which specialised in advanced voice recognition technology, notably for call centres and directory enquiries.

Microsoft said the technology could be used across its producers as well as in the car and at home.

"Speech is universal, simple and holds incredible promise as a key interface for computing," Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer said

Software such as Microsoft Office does have basic voice recognition facilities but the deal would "bolster" the firm's capabilities said Microsoft business division president Jeff Raikes.

"We've made great strides in speech technologies, but have only scratched the surface of what is possible," he added.

Tellme's existing services already allow American Airlines travellers to check flight details and Dominos Pizza customers to place an order without speaking to any humans.

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