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 Virtual City Exhibit

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Date posted: 18/05/2004

An installation at London's Dana Centre promotes the darker side of London life via virtual reality immersion. The Living Image display, the combined work of three artists is on display until the 28th of May.

VR has always had a talent for being artistic rather than just technological ? it is about creating vibrant worlds for the mind to explore free of the body after all. The Living Image recreates four separate areas of London using sound, video, and interactive segments.

The whole display takes place via an illersive headset, which totally blocks out the physical world (true immersion display, not augmented reality). The motion tracker allows for 120 degrees of immersion, and the visitor is allowed to wander therough the virtual environment at their own pace.

The view is kept fresh in that as a visitor moves through, they?re not seeing pre-rendered scenes, the entire landscape is rendered there and then, specificalloy for that person.

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