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 World's Fair of Virtual Worlds

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Date posted: 12/05/2007

Almost all the media hype of late has been for the social virtual world Second Life ? people seem to forget that many others exist, and have been around in various forms, for the better part of four decades.

Now, Mario Gerosa, an Italian journalist, is planning to show the world just how many different kinds of VR there are.

He is planning to put on, next month, the first "world's fair" of virtual worlds.

The event will take place in Second Life and will give as many other types from social to gaming, to industrial, an opportunity to present themselves.

"A dragon will be in the World of Warcraft stand," Gerosa wrote on his blog, "while there will be an astronaut in the Entropia Universe stand."

In addition, Gerosa plans to have each service provide advice on how to set up a business or a new venture in their virtual world.

This is an ambitious project, and given that it's taking place in Second Life, it's not at all clear how much interest there will be in the other virtual worlds. But, it's a nice gesture to the fact that the world of virtual worlds has many more than one title.

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