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 Sun's Diffie: Virtual Environments To Become Prime Source Of Intelligence

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Date posted: 21/05/2007

Whitfield Diffie, chief security officer and renowned cryptographer for Sun Microsystems delivered a keynote speech delivered at Thursday's AT&T Cyber Security Conference which concentrated on the mounting challenges for businesses trying to secure their data and for law enforcement looking to monitor communications.

He focussed on social virtual worlds as a double-edged sword in terms of the growth of newly interconnecting information, and the momentous task of securing it.

"With millions of people playing Second Life and companies building facilities there, it may be that [virtual communities] become the preferred medium of human communication," said Diffie at Thursday's conference. "Communications will always be spied on."

Who would be interested in gathering intelligence floating through virtual communities? Only businesses, governments (domestic and foreign), and reporters - the same entities that have adapted every other form of communication preceding the Web. Said Diffie, "The future will be a golden age for intelligence."

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