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 General Robotics launches DeepView 2.0 and DeepLive subsea visualisation software

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Date posted: 05/10/2007

(Press Release) General Robotics Limited is launching DeepView 2.0 its subsea visualisation software, and DeepLive a real-time data capture module.

DeepView 2.0 is an advanced visualisation and animation tool for creating subsea scenarios that allow multiple concurrent views of an operation with full data recording and replay in 3D.

DeepView 2.0 is equipped with an easy-to-use operator interface that simplifies the creation of complex underwater representations. The new interface enables the easy generation of scenarios by using ?drag and drop? to add components in the subsea model, and as an object oriented system the specific properties of different objects can be immediately viewed. DeepView includes a library of standard structures and components.

By allowing the play and replay of any subsea situation, DeepView provides an excellent tool for training and planning, and for generating marketing visualisations. DeepView is especially useful when used with DeepLive to show what is happening in real-time with a scenario that responds to the input of live data.

?DeepView 2.0 gives our customers an advanced tool for viewing deployed assets in an exceptionally easy manner that reduces stress in an operational environment. The ease of operation of the new user interface in DeepView, is characteristic of our next generation of software,? said Dr. Jason Tisdall, Managing Director, General Robotics Limited. ?Used with DeepLive, DeepView is an ideal visualisation tool for use offshore in support vessels to show in 3D what is actually happening underwater, as an aid to operational decisions.?

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