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 Dubit: 70% of Tweens Respond Positively to Branding in Virtual Worlds

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Date posted: 19/10/2008

Dubit Research put together a report for Virtual Worlds Forum asking its panel of 600 7-to-12-year-olds about their habits in virtual worlds. The numbers are fairly in line with those reported by Nielsen over the summer: 73% of surveyed tweens use virtual worlds on some level, with 43% of respondents usually visiting the most popular Club Penguin followed by Habbo Hotel at 27%.

Importantly, especially in light of reports that marketers may be cutting experimental budgets and shying away from virtual worlds, advertising seems to be working. 45% of the panelists reported noticing advertisments and sponsorships in virtual worlds (19% "lots of times" and 26% "sometimes).

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