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 Virtual veins give nurses a hand

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Date posted: 20/08/2004

A virtual reality hand, complete with vital veins, that "feels" could help trainee nurses practise.

The tactile 3D virtual reality system uses force feedback technology developed by the British company UK Haptics.

"This is very much like force feedback in gaming, but it is much more refined," said Gary Todd of UK Haptics.

"You can feel the needle go through the skin; you can put it in the skin and lift it out,"

"You can feel the soft skin and muscles and you can scratch the bone if you put it in the knuckle."

Nurses sit in front of a PC wearing 3D goggles. A mirror in front of them lets them see the projected hand image in 3D too.

All the nurse has to do is sit in front of the machine and stick the cannula, which they see as a syringe, into the hand.

The system feeds back information about pressure directly to the nurse's hand, and blood appears to fill the syringe when the vein has been punctured.

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