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 VRcontext Walkinside 3.5 for CAD Virtual Reality Due Oct 15

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Date posted: 07/10/2004

Brussels, capital of Belgium, home of VRcontext, the firm which created, and continues to refine Walkinside, the feature rich tool designed to render complex 3D CAD files into virtual reality environments, to truly explore the products.

Walkinside 3.5 is to be released on October the 15th, offering the following benefits over previous versions:

- Connect to a dynamic database and access real time information
- Connectivity to integrated databases in the CAD tools
- Visualize data from laser scanning
- Merge several Walkinside(TM) files into one model, save and visualize the result.

Walkinside is a leading software application for the real time virtual reality market. The software is able to instantly render very large, complex, computer generated 3D models. The software is targeted towards Energy, Homeland security & defense and Aerospace markets. Containing collision and physics models, the software is a hybrid between traditional CAD rendering, and true VR systems.

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