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 Virtual Human? How about Virtual Voice?

This story is from the category Sounding the Future
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Date posted: 24/11/2003

Vocaloid, that's the name of a new technology, created to mimic singers voices with fine precision. Developed at the Spanish University Pompeu Fabra and under the care of Yamaha Corporation, the software, available for all by January, allows users to play their own (or use any existing) song with a disembodied, life-like human singing voice. A computer equipped with Vocaloid will "sing" whatever notes and words you give it, utilising a 'vocal-font' - an audio mapping of a singer's voice. Not too many singers have given their voices to the new technology, so there aren't that many voice-fonts out there just yet, but it's early days yet, and the technology can only improve from here.

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