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 China to US: shut up about "so-called Internet freedom"

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Date posted: 24/01/2010

In the wake of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's major speech yesterday on Internet freedom, a speech in which she called out countries like Egypt, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Iran, and China, most governments have yet to respond. China, however, was quick to reply after dealing with the Google issue for a week already.

It didn't take China long to respond to Clinton's call to tear down the Great Firewall. China's official news agency Xinhua summed up the government response in its headline: "China urges US to stop accusations on so-called Internet freedom."

Why "so-called"? Because the Chinese Internet is open. Wide open.

"China urged the United States to respect facts and stop unreasonable accusations on China in the name of so-called Internet freedom," said the article. It then quoted a Foreign Ministry spokesperson as saying, "The US side had criticized China's policies on Internet administration, alluding that China restricts Internet freedom. We firmly oppose such words and deeds, which were against the facts and would harm the China-US relations."

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