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 Easy-access Android spreads more quickly than iPhone

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Date posted: 11/07/2010

When Beth Mezias lost her software job at Adobe in a downsizing at the end of 2008, she surrendered her employer-issued iPhone and bought an Android phone instead. "And," she said, "I got on the bandwagon."

Eighteen months after Mezias hopped on the Android "bandwagon" -- Google's then-new mobile operating system -- and began learning the software, she has four smart-phone apps available for download in the Android Market. "I can't say I'm making a ton of money on it," she said, "but I am getting a lot of interest in my resume."

With sales of Android-powered smart phones surpassing Apple's iPhone for the first time in 2010, an Android-powered Google TV built by Sony to hit the market late this year with a whole new set of app possibilities, and the potential for other new devices ranging from tablet computers to cars, the Android bandwagon is suddenly a heady ride -- for developers, advertisers, smart phone manufacturers and other members of the Android "ecosystem."

Android's explosive growth is benefiting developers who find themselves in more demand and who make money when someone pays to download their app, or who get revenue from advertising that runs in a free app. Manufacturers like HTC are seeing their brand awareness boosted by its Android phones, and ad exchanges are serving more ads over Android phones. The Palo Alto, Calif.-based mobile ad exchange Mobclix says ad publishers spent more money on the Android platform in the first half of 2010 than they did in all of 2009.

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