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Source: Idoru, Page: 34

Beside the water bag lay her schoolwork, represented by a three-ring binder suffering the indignities of artificial bit-rot, it's wireframe cover festered with digital mung. She'd have to reformat that before she started her new school, she reminded herself. Too juvenile.

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The above quote, represents a different aspect of the virtual worlds of Idoru. Reminiscent of modern-day equivalents like 3DNA. In which, the traditional WIMP paradigm - windows, Icons, Menus, and Pointers - is translated into 3D.

Items can look however the user likes, whether that be a "three-ring binder festered with digital mung" or a chipped coffee mug, a stack of tapes, or a squeaky toy on a shelf. All however, are the equivalent of icons in a windows environment. Select them, to open their contents, and run whatever program is associated with them.

This "beyond WIMP" interface has long been sought after by many labs, and many lesser products, precisely because it is completely intuitive and natural, making it more efficient, and easier to use for all, regardless of computer expertise. Idoru discusses such systems in detail, integral to the flow of the book, and repeatedly returns to embrace them.

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About the Book 'Idoru'
By William Gibson
Produced By Penguin Group

Idoru is a strange novel in many ways. It is a William Gibson cyberpunk novel, set in the dark days of the near future, written by one of the masters of the genre. The book itself is dedicated to a concept that is not quite with us yet, but may well be here in the near future ? cyberpunk apes reality.

Teenager Chia McKenzie loves Rez, one half of a duo band called Lo/Rez. Unfazed that Rez is the same generation as her mother, she lives in the digital world of her sandbenders. Age, gender, history, none of this really matters in the cyber world. Only ability matters.
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