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Book Quotes: A Synthespian's AGI

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Source: Idoru, Page: 202

"Rei's only reality is the realm of ongoing serial creation," Rez said. "Entirely process; infinitely more than the combined sum of her various selves. The platforms sink beneath her, one after another, as she grows denser and more complex.." The long green eyes seemed to grow dreamy, in the light of passing storefronts, and then the singer turned away.

Our Thoughts on this Quote

Rei is an idoru, a synthespian. She was originally created as an artificial intelligence actor/musician. Whilst she has grown, as all self-aware AIs must, that core design is by it's nature, still very much with her.

Thus, 'her various selves' refers to the constructs she has formed upon her creator's needs. In other words, a tweaked personality for one event; different for another. Leaning heavily on country for one song, rock for another. The whole point of a synthespian is to do things you cannot with a human actor - to have a degree of control you cannot with a human.

Thus Rei would appear as a series of distinct selves, each of which might appear to be a different being, but each of which was spawned from the core AI. All data that 'self' gathers, returns continually to the core AI. Learning from each of them; interpreting, growing.

All Rei, or any such AI knows is the process of creating one embodiment after another, and experiencing the world through them. She's not so much a personality as she is a mass that extrudes different personalities as needed: something altogether different from the human concept of an entity. Yet, in order to do that, the core self has to have achieved sentience, self-awareness, which brings the extrusions to life.

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About the Book 'Idoru'
By William Gibson
Produced By Penguin Group

Idoru is a strange novel in many ways. It is a William Gibson cyberpunk novel, set in the dark days of the near future, written by one of the masters of the genre. The book itself is dedicated to a concept that is not quite with us yet, but may well be here in the near future ? cyberpunk apes reality.

Teenager Chia McKenzie loves Rez, one half of a duo band called Lo/Rez. Unfazed that Rez is the same generation as her mother, she lives in the digital world of her sandbenders. Age, gender, history, none of this really matters in the cyber world. Only ability matters.
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