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AR Sights

AR Sights is a novel application for augmented reality that ties into Google Earth landmarks. It requires an internet connection, a printer and some form of computer-connected camera system. This could be a web cam, an iPhone, an AR HUD, or any similar device.

The idea is simple. Load Google earth, then load the AR Sights program on top of it. Select a any worldwide landmark and drag it into AR Sights.

The program then assigns that item to a slot in its database, and fishes out the exact 3D model shape from Google Earth. That same database slot is then assigned a magic symbol. That symbol is then printed out, and ready to be placed on the desk. AR Sights takes control of the camera device, and yup, you guessed it. On top of the magic symbol on the desktop, the landmark model appears, when viewed through the AR camera.

Simple, elegant, and with next to no practical value whatsoever, unless you are using an AR HUD. Simply because the HUD is the only option that fits over your eyes and allows you to see the 3D model with natural vision, There is no interaction in the augmented space, AR sights simply is not that complex.

It is really a gimmick, intended to showcase the basic capabilities of augmented reality. Hopefully by now, most people should be familiar with these capabilities, still it remains an education device for students - provided a fairly expansive AR display unit is used.


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