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The Al is a Persian demon which crosses Islamic, Christian and Armenian mythos.

They are either male or female, and appear to be lycanthopes; half human and half beast, covered in deep, shaggy hair. Their eyes burn brightly like they are on fire, their finger and toe nails are made of an organic substance otherwise much like brass, and their teeth similarly appear to be made of iron.

In the middle of their faces, protruding from the nose, is a single tusk, bent upwards in an approximate L shape, like those found on wild boar.

They live in boggy ground normally, but an unswept, dark corner in a house, barn, or stable will do quite nicely.

The al preys on a mother in childbirth, causing a miscarriage. It may also steal babies a month or two before term, to allow it to feast on their soft, forming flesh.

The best way to protect against them is to be surrounded by iron weaponry, and for the mother to remain awake and alert.

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