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FT, or Female Type, is a tiny robot created by Tomotaka Takahashi of Kyoto University in Japan. This little figure, just one foot tall has been designed to move like a woman.

It sounds odd, and is rather odd in its own way, but Tomotaka went to the extent of consulting with professional fashion models in order to give FT the most authentically feminine movements possible.

Twenty-three motors, controlled by an onboard computer system that runs a basic AI, are what allow FT to move with feminine grace with every action.

Its an odd development, but one whose research is perhaps useful. As robotics and robotic teleoperation waldoes continue to advance in technical capability and multiply in number, their use is slowly becoming more and more persuasive. Foot high FT is of no practical use, however a full size teleoperation robot utilising the same algorithms discovered in this project, would return a smidgen of the body language and femininity many a woman desires to portray, for those who cannot be present physically for a given event.


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Japanese man gives robot a woman's touch

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