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Flexvision Xl

FlexVision XL is a hefty medical flatscreen monitor. It is a 56 inch (125 cm) display that functions like a GeoWall. The size of six normal monitors, the Flex in its name is from the design decision that the display area can be dynamically resized and split into as many virtual screens as the medical practicioner desires. So, one minute it can serve as a single large monitor. The next, its two display screens showing separate data sreams. Then it might be four streams, or 9, or 16, dynamically adjusting to user preferences, splitting its surface area exactly as if it was really a group of different monitors, all clustered together.

Showcased at RSNA (Radiological Society of North America) meetings in 2008, the monitor has already been vigourously approved by practicing physicians.

In today's interventional setting, clinicians are performing more complex procedures, with smaller devices, in complex anatomy – a difficult combination. Clinicians often have to sort through diagnostic information from multiple sources to help guide their intervention.

Key benefits include:

• The SuperZoom function with advanced image-sharpening algorithms lets clinicians magnify images and make out fine details without needing to move closer to the display
• Clinicians can select an on-screen layout of images that suits the way they work, change it at any time during the procedure, and customize the layouts by switching sources
• Clinicians are able to manage multiple video sources on one screen and manage them at tableside

Professor Moret, director of Neuroradiology at the Foundation Rothschild in Paris, France, who has been testing the FlexVision XL said: “I have found the FlexVision to be a great help as it allows me to enlarge images, enabling me to easily see the level of detail that I need from wherever I need to see it during complex neuroradiology procedures. The technology gives me a better appreciation of the vessel structure in the brain.”


Philips' FlexVision XL Available

New Flexvision Xl Display Helps Clinicians To Perform Complex Interventional Procedures Efficiently


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