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Originating in Sweden, the Gulon in a creature that looks mostly like a cat, but is the size of a large dog and possesses a tail that is short and bushy, similar to that of a fox. The Gulon is considered to be fierce and cunning, and more than anything else, terribly greedy for the taste of flesh. The creature does not hunt however, but preys on the corpses and carcasses of men and animals. Such is the gluttonous nature of the Gulon that its most notable habit is in the way in which it eats. Upon finding a carcass, the Gulon will eat as much of it as it can, as fast as it can, causing its body to swell up in a balloon-like form, leaving it barely able to move. Once this is done, the Gulon find two trees growing closely together and forces itself between them in order that some of the food be forcibly discharged from its body. Having done this, the Gulon can then return to its meal. This procedure is repeated until the carcass is reduced to nothing but bones.

The Gulon itself is much sought after by hunters, as not only is its skin incredibly valuable, but so are its other parts. The fat is thought to have curative properties in relation to sores and skin problems, whilst powder ground from its paws is supposed to help aid against ringing in the ears and dizziness spells. The guts are used to make strings for superior instruments, and the teeth are used by magicians in their spell-making.

Whilst the skin of this creature is highly valued, the wise will often avoid them, as it is thought that those who wear the rich pelts will become like the Gulon, growing fiercer, crueller and more greedy, little by little, and yet they will find their greed is never sated, no matter how great a treasure they might find.

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