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An Introduction to: Genetically Personalised Medicine

Genetically personalised medicine - the naescent field of pharmacogenetics - is starting to make its impact felt. This field is part of the hospital in the home phenomenon so vital to long-term immersion use, for the physical shell.

Pharmacogenetics is rooted in the concept of fully understanding a given individual's genome, such that their body's protein production and full internal operation can be computationally understood, and simulated with the addition of different drugs, dosages, and combinations of drugs, in order to find the ideal medication for that person's physical form at that time.

Ultimately it will lead to an era in which the patint does not have to leave home, or even move particularly, in order for their home computer network to know the best way to combat the particular medical complaint they have at that time.

Heralded as the future of medicine, personalized medicines seem to be the answer for making therapeutics more likely to be highly effective and safer. The video below, is Deanna Kroetz of UCSF's School of Pharmacy's lecture, one hour in length on the intro to this field, how it works, and the range of the benetits over previous forms of medicine.

Rarely, this YouTube presentation is one hour long, in a single video

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