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Offering The Independence of the Open Road to those to whom Driving is Closed

When questioned on the possibilities of AI controlled cars, a significant proportion of general public individuals have queried the need for them, stating such viewpoints as "driving is a right, not a privilege". How then, can we justify the pursuit of AI controlled vehicles?

Well, obviously military use of such vehicles is a major cash-cow, as it means vehicles such as supply trucks and even light tanks can be sent into warzones, without risking soldier lives if they are attacked. But, beyond that, they have significant uses in civilian life, that should be taken into account.

A person with a severe level of disability that leaves them without the capability to legally operate a car, through any means such as loss of limb control, loss of limbs, deteriorating eyesight or reflexrs, is left with a problem. Many cannot use public transport, because public transport is often not set up to deal with individuals with a significant level of disability attempting to get on and off of the vehicles.

An individual who has been convicted of drink-driving is in a similar situation. They can no-longer drive, so in many cases, they can no-longer keep their job, as public transport systems are again inadequate for the task.

In both cases these individuals often have to rely on the charity of others to move about town, or pay an individual to act as a chauffeur, if they can afford to do that. If not, then their individual independence is severely constrained.

The potential of a car or other small vehicle that can drive itself about on public roads, would change all that, and restore personal mobility and independence to those whom it has been stripped away from, by a single act of gross stupidity, or by physical deterioration beyond their control.

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