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Pegasus Info

The pegasus dates back to Greek mythology, one of the most well know figures of Greek mythology. So from ancient Greek mythology to My Little Ponies the pegasus has filled our imagination and our hearts for centuries. So keep on flying pegasus (boy that was corny *g*).

Pegasus is a beautiful, often white, horse that has has two magnificent feathery wings which allow it to fly.

The name pegasus is possibly derived from 'springs of the Ocean' (pegai) or 'of the wells,'
a variant of the Greek word pege which means "spring" or "fountain"
and the form sus is pre-Greek in origin, means "bridled horse" referring to the figurehead of a ship.
Thus Pegasus can literally mean "Fountain Horse."

Originally the pegasus was symbol of the creative spirit and power of the Muses of Greek mythology, bringing inspiration and beauty to the lives of all he encounters. And therefore he should be very important to all of the authors and artists.

Pegasus (like all mythical creatures) are very versatile with their looks. There was originally only one pegasus who sprung from medusas head when it was cut off. Pegasus struck the ground with his hooves and cause the springs of Aganippe and Hippocrene to gush forth and inspire people to write poetry. He was tamed by the golden bridle and raised by muses. Bellerophon ordered Pegasus to fly him up to Mount Olympus, the home of the gods. This angered Zeus, so her sent a bee to sting Pegasus, who bucked Bellerophon off his back, Bellerophon did not survive the fall to Earth, after this Pegasus became the lightning bearer of Zeus, when Pegasus' own hooves could be heard thundering across the skies in a storm.

Because of his earthly & heavenly deeds Pegasus was honored with the memorial of a constellation in the heavens.

Since his original deeds Pegasus has changed and multiplied into pegasi, he has changed colors sexes and patterns, the name Pegasus no longer paints the picture of a immaculate white horse with majestic bird wings. It is often you see a black pegasus but pastel and gold or silver are very popular. The wings have also changed from pure white to other colors and patterns. Although the original pegasus was portrayed as no more than a horse with wings, they have matured since then into intelligent beasts that can mind speak. They also appear frequently with unicorn horns.

The pegasus has became a symbol of immortality and the protector of the spirit, the guardian of the soul.
and is used to symbolize, strength, purity and justice.

A pegasus with a unicorn horn is referred to as either a Alicorn or a Pegacorn. (personally I prefer pegacorn because an alicorn is a unicorns horn and it can lead to confusion if you call them the same thing)

The constellation Pegasus lies between Pisces and Andromeda. On old sky charts the hind legs are usually depicted as outlining the body of the maiden. The northeast corner of the 'Great Square of Pegasus' is now shared with the constellation Andromeda: delta Pegasus was given to Andromeda to provide her with a head.


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