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Virtual Body: Fundamental Concepts: 1

In order to link a mind to a virtual body, which will be controlled by the same subconscious and conscious impulses as a physical body should be, the link connecting the mind to the physical body, save for autonomous finctions, is likely to require severing or blocking for the duration of the virtual immersion.

This is to prevent injury to the physical body as it attempts to leap or flail about following the same intended path and movements as the virtual body. Ducking under a tree limb in VR for example, could equate to banging your physical head on a very physical piece of furniture. Striding purposely down a road could equate to striding with purpose straight into a wall.

In order to monitor the physical form thusly, an outside influence must be used. A computerised process tied into the body, in parallel to the virtual interface, but connected to a separate, dedicated computer system for safety.This will monitor the body's vitals, keeping it in shape until its owner returns from VR, or a serious problem develops, in which case it must be capable of calling for help.

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