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Philips Wireless Detector

Given the rapid development and rapid standardisation of medical clinical assistant devices over the period of 2006 - 2009, perhaps the advent of this detector should come as no surprise. It essentially uses a MCA PC's case, removes the touchscreen and much of the computer, but keeps the networking elements. In the cleared space where the components were, place the guts of an X-ray detector.

This simple, but highly effective formula has resulted in a device which is already compatible with every IT system used in a modern hospital, in a form factor that is approved for use in the most clinical environments, and which doctors and nursing staff are already used to carrying around.

This detector is aimed really at helping the patient, by bringing the X-ray detector to them rather than moving them to the detector. It can be slipped down the back of a wheelchair user, and a delicate patient can be X-rayed in bed, without moving them.

No cables, no mess - it interfaces via Wi-Fi or BlueTooth. Using the intuitive Eleva user interface and inbuilt image processing to DICOM and PACS standards, as soon as the X-ray is taken, digital records are streamlined straight to the nearest wi-fi point.

Currently, the detector is approved for use in the US only.


Philips Portable Detector Makes for Easy X-rays

Wireless Portable Detector from Philips Now Available in the US

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