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Connectivity is a category dedicated to enabling technology.

Virtual Worlds could not exist really, without networking. At the fundamental level, they are always networking two computers - the brain and the world display computer. However, for true worlds, not worldlets, we require interconnection technologies between computers that are blazingly fast, can transmit large amounts of data, and have next to no latency at all.

We're not there yet.

What we do have, however, are connections that are improving, and opening up new markets for both augmented, and virtual realities. Here, we attempt to detail to you, the technologies available so far, and how to use them.


Wireless Speed (3)

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Room Lighting as Network Access
A new method of creating wireless networks without interfering with sensitive equipment, including medical equipment, is to make use of the rapid on/off capabilities of LEDs in normal modern LED lightbulbs. 800mb/s is the current limit, and that is only in the prototype.

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WARP: Accelerating Wireless Technology Development
Prior to 2006, any attempt at investigating wireless technology, developing a new algorithm for propagation, or even trying for a whole new standard, all shared one thing in common: The phenomenal expense for the research team.

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Wireless Data Swifter than Wired Data
One of the real issues with wireless data transfer is the slow speed at which it transfers data. Near-future high-sensory-bandwidth systems such as virtual reality and simulated stimulation are even at this stage, pushing the limits of bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Anxious to download his wedding videos more quickly, a German researcher has created a 1GB/sec system, with the potential for wireless 10GB/sec.

Wired World (8)

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Geographic Information Systems
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Building the Networked World
Bill Thompson muses on the stages of development required to create a ubiquitous network infrastructure, within both the EU and wider world.

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Concern as net hits data limits
A detailed look at the history of the Internet, and the dot-com bubble lays the groundwork for an explanation why we may be in trouble, having used up much of the latent internet bandwidth built thus far, and, unless we invest soon, there will not be any more slack at all.

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Improving the Internet for Real-Time Applications
Norweigian researchers are attempting once again to tackle the serious shortcoming the net has when it comes to gaming and VR applications. The way it was designed to get a packet to its destination no matter what, and was not designed for real-time applications.

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Podcast: Tim Berners-Lee: The next Web of open, linked data
This podcast comes from TED 2009, by the original inventor of the Internet. He looks at the next stage in the Internet's evolution; open, linked data.

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Projector lights radio tags
Industry News

Industry news, originally posted 11-08-2004, deemed too important to allow to fade. RFID tags, all the rage it seems these days. However, they could be more than they seem to be. They could in fact be the key to the sensor network necessary for augmented reality to truly come to be.

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Speeding and Splitting Optic Communication
Two separate developments, both emerging in January 2007, when combined offer fundamental improvements to speed, reliability, and cost of fibre-optic communications systems.

Counterpart to a news story in February 2005, New Augmented Reality Position Tech contained details of a breakthrough in augmented reality. This slideshow forms the visual element of that.

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You are your computer (2)

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Handshake and Transmit Data
Industry News

Industry news, originally posted 23-02-2005. The human body is now a transmission medium for computer data. Just shake hands to transfer that file.

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Japanese Telecomm Predicts Fully Immersive Mainstream VR by 2020
With the expansion rate of Japan's wireless networks in terms of both bandwidth and decreasing cost, coupled with the rate of development of mobile phones into computing platforms in their own right, NTT DoCoMo, Japan's largest mobile phone carrier service believe that this estimate is about right.