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VWN Product Reviews: Every Mother's Worst Fear

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Based on a true story, ?Every Mother's Worst Fear? is the tale of 16-year-old Martha Hoagland. When her boyfriend dumps her, she turns to the internet in despair, and loses herself in chatrooms.

There, she finda a new potential lover, a man calling himself Drew. Martha and Drew?s romance blossoms and deepens online, until one day, Drew has a surprise for her. Tickets to come fly over, and meet him in person!

The problem is, ?Drew? is really a mediocre computer hacker, employed by another man, by the name of Mitch Carson. Drew?s older than he said, a lot older, and the man he works for, runs an unofficial porn business and sex slavery network. Martha has just unwittingly become his latest recruit, and his latest merchandise.

Meanwhile, Martha has discovered her daughter is missing, and in a panic calls the police. Soon the FBI respond, and experts begin to scour her computer for any sign of where she might have gone. They find the chatroom logs, and the investigation begins.

Meanwhile, Martha is with Drew, who starts molesting her in his car, on a quiet road. In a set-up, Drew is waiting for Mitch, who, driving by, sees what is going on and pulls up to stop what is happening, ?rescuing? Martha.

Grateful to be away from the creep Drew, Martha balls out her story to Mitch at the roadside. To which, he replies:

"Hi Martha, I'm Mitch Carson, I'm just another computer geek who works for an organisation which helps kids in trouble get back home and away from guys like Drew."
Martha asks to call her mother.
"Sure", Carson says, his face all smiles. "you can use the cell in my truck."

Carson closes the passenger door of the truck after her ?to keep her warm?, not letting on it cannot be opened from inside. The ?cell phone?, an ancient satellite phone with no battery, is just there as a prop. Whilst Martha is frantically trying to get it to work, Carson checks the scene for any signs of evidence, waves Drew off, and gets into the truck with Martha.

The trail to Martha now cold, Drew departs to ?disappear?, and Mitch takes Martha to ?reunite with her parents?. In reality this involves driving her to a very secluded cabin, specially outfit to prevent escape, and hooked to the net to film, and sell girls on.

That this is a true story, adds to both the suspense, and the horror. It also serves as a crystal-clear warning of the dangers of taking net romance further, without being aware of the risks involved, and without the proper precautions.

Not everyone on the net is a paedophile, or sex trader, but those few that are, are the ones you really do not wish to meet. The suspense continues to build from the above point, and continues throughout the movie, as the repercussions continue to ripple out. It would be unfair here to describe what happens; better to watch and see.

This film should be watched by every parent with a child on the net, and by those children as well. It is a tool for educators, as to what can go wrong, if vulnerable people give too much info on themselves, away online.


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