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Site Shop > Intelligent Tutoring Systems: 7th International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems (2004)

Essentially a collection of peer reviewed academic works, like all books of this type, Proceedings of the 7th annual conference on Intelligent Tutoring systems is a nine hundred page tome containing 73 full papers on:

 Adaptive Testing
 Affect
 Architectures For ITS
 Authoring Systems
 Cognitive Modelling
 Collaborative Learning
 Natural Language Dialogue And Discourse
 Evaluation
 Machine Learning In ITS
 Pedagogical Agents
 Student Modelling
 Teaching And Learning Strategies.

Each of the papers, together with 39 abstract posters of non approved papers, and a wealth of reference and contact information, was included in the conference proceedings in 2004.

Ideal for networking contacts, and research material for anyone interested in ITS and its related fields.

These compilations are often the most economical way of gaining access to large volumes of applicable material from a variety of sources.


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