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Site Shop > Dungeons and Desktops: The History of Computer Role-playing Games

Not actually a history, as it does not delve into where cRPGs originally evolved from. Instead this book is a chronology of cRPGs, in the style of reviews of each one. Trends are not really fleshed out at any part, as the emphasis is on each individual RPG. However, this book is excellent source for anyone desiring to define trends.

The tome is divided into different ages, from the dark age, through bronze and silver ages, into a golden age, platinum age and modern age. Within each section, the RPGs are placed, giving a timeline of the explosion in platforms. Console RPGs are covered as well as PC RPGs, the complete history of microcomputer works; even the odd mainframe variant.

Not all cRPGs have been covered in this volume; some of the more niche names have been left out. Also, the grammar of the book deviates from the ah, ideal form on a remarkable number of occasions for a printed work, with interesting variants on some spellings for words. Still, if you can look past this, the whole tome is a trip down memory lane, as well as an invaluable reference for techniques tried before.


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