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This book comprises the proceedings of the fifth Modelling and Simulation conference IASTED (International Association of Science and TEchnology for Development) ran, back in 2006.

Comprising 630 pages, and 163 papers. Topics include:

 Automation, Control and Robotics;
 Environmental Systems;
 Biomedicine and Biomechanics;
 Economics, Management and Operations Research;
 Modelling And Simulation Methodologies;
 Communications, Computers and Infomatics;
 Modelling, Optimisation, Identification and Simulation;
 Hydraulic and Hydrologic Modelling;
 Applications in Processes and Design Optimisation.

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Full Paper List

The following is a list of all papers contained in this volume. Where possible, papers are hyperlinked if we have access to individual online versions. Otherwise, the publishers charge 25 us dollars for access to each individually.

Development of Qualitative Rules for Simulation Disturbances and Actions in a Hot Strip Mill by using a Thermomicrostructural Model
M.L.P. Machado, J. Denti Filho, and J. Fagundes Jr. (Brazil)

Synthesis and Design of a Variable Structure Controller for a DC Motor Speed Control
C.R. Marcano-Gamero (Venezuela)

Numerical and Experimental Study of Multi Degree of Freedom Vibration Isolation System with a Parallel Mechanism
L. Ma, X. Chen (PRC), Y. Shen (Canada), Q. Yang, X. Yin, W. Wu, and N.Q. Shi (PRC)

A Real Time Human Grasp Simulation with Deformable Fingertips
M. Rougeron, J. Le Garrec, A. Micaelli, and F.B. Ouezdou (France)

On the Zeros of the Transfer Function of a Single Flexible Link Manipulator
M. Vakil, R. Fotouhi, and P.N. Nikiforuk (Canada)

Modeling and Simulation of Double-Pass Sheet-and-Tube Solar Water Heaters
C.-D. Ho and T.-C. Chen (Taiwan)

A Fast Response System for Aerosol Dispersion Forecasting
A. Smirnov and S. Rowan (USA)

Modeling of the Heavy Water Enrichment in Double-Flow Thermal-Diffusion Columns
J.-J. Guo and C.-D. Ho (Taiwan)

Airflow Simulation for Preventing the Stack Effect in High Rise Buildings
M. Khoukhi, H. Yoshino, S. Hayakawa (Japan), J.H. Lee, and K.H. Woo (Korea)

State-Space Models of Pipelines
G. Geiger (Germany) and D. Matko (Slovenia)

Prediction of Environmental Flow to Improve the Water Quality in the River Buriganga
M.M. Islam, M.K. Akhtar, and M.S. Masud (Bangladesh)

Modeling Ionospheric Effects with Multiple Reference Stations for GPS Satellite Surveying
S.G. Lin, C.P. Tseng, W.L. Chiang, C.H. Tsai, and C.W. Chen (Taiwan)

On the Representation of Atmospheric Stability in Modelling the Mechanism of Transport in the Low Troposphere
R. Morbidelli, C. Corradini, C. Saltalippi, and A. Flammini (Italy)

A Study on Cardiac Energetics using Computer-Simulated Modelling
A. Vrettos and S.T. Karamouzis (USA)

Risk Factors for Lumbar Spines
J.A. Hodgdon and C.S. Putcha (USA)

Patient Video Compression using 3-D Block Transforms for Telemedicine Applications
C. Eswaran, R. Shyamsunder, and N. Sriraam (Malaysia)

Eye-Tracker Data Filtering using Pulse Coupled Neural Network
S. Chartier and P. Renaud (Canada)

A Method for Cloth-Color Match for Skin based on Computer-Aided Color Harmony
S.-W. Hsiao, F.-Y. Chiu, and H.-Y. Hsu (Taiwan)

Modeling and Animating for the Dense Laser-Scanned Face in the Low Resolution Level
L. Zhu and W.-S. Lee (Canada)

Modelling of Hemodynamic Stress Effects on Rupture Mechanics and Fibrous Cap Collagen Architecture of Atherosclerotic Plaques
R. Galaz, R. Mongrain, V. Pazos, R. Leask, and J.C. Tardif (Canada)

Predicting Rehabilitation Potential with the K-Nearest Neighbors Algorithm: A Comparison with the Current Clinical Assessment Protocol
M. Zhu, W. Chen, J. Hirdes, and P. Stolee (Canada)

A Decision Support Framework for Clinicial Needle EMG
A. Hamilton-Wright and D.W. Stashuk (Canada)

Data Mining in Mental Health
A.G. Eapen, K. Ponnambalam, J.F. Arocha, R. Shioda, T.F. Smith, J. Poss, and J. Hirdes (Canada)

A New Authentication Protocol for GSM and UMTS Networks
J. AL-Saraireh and S. Yousef (UK)

Development of a New Traffic Flow Model
C.S. Putcha, J.H. Kreiner, R.R. Tadi, and M. Charoensuphong (USA)

Integrating Product Modularization and Assembly Line Reconfiguration Decisions: A Genetic Algorithm Approach
Z. Xu and M. Liang (Canada)

Vertex Method for Fuzzy Availability Computation of Semi-Markovian Mechatronic System
A.K. Verma, A. Srividya, and R.P. Gaonkar (India)

Modeling of Mass Transfer in Multi-Pass Mass Exchangers with External Recycle
J.-W. Tu and C.-D. Ho (Taiwan)

Current Trends in Transmission System Planning Needed in Competitive and Deregulated Environment using Artificial Intelligence
A.M. Ilahi and S.A. Qureshi (Pakistan)

Determination of Optimum Process Parameters using Taguchi's Approach to Improve the Quality of SLS Parts
T.A.J. Reddy, Y.R. Kumar, and C.S.P. Rao (India)

Approach to Optimize Production Networks by Means of Synchronization
B. Scholz-Reiter and J.T. Tervo (Germany)

Aggregated Conditional Regularized Enhancement of Environmental Imagery: Numerical Techniques and Simulation Study
Y. Shkvarko and R.B. Garibay (Mexico)

Chain Conveyor System Simulation and Optimization
S.V. Sergueyevich, M.G. Ortega Rosales, J. Marcos Garc?a, L.A. Zamora Quintana, and R. Pe?a L?pez (Mexico)

Modelling of Networks of Production and Logistics and Analysis of their Nonlinear Dynamics
B. Scholz-Reiter, U. Hinrichs, R. Donner, and A. Witt (Germany)

Optimum Arrangement between Natural Disasters Insurance and Risk Control
C.P. Tseng, W.L. Chiang, W.K. Hsu, S.G. Lin, C.H. Tsai, C.W. Chen, and D.M. Hung (Taiwan)

Impact of Law Enforcement Activities on Risk of Firearm Deaths in Brazil
K. Tiedemann (Canada)

Importance Measures for Customer Requirements and Technical Attributes in Fuzzy Environment
X.D. Li, Y.L. Tu, D.Y. Xue, and Y. Dong (Canada)

A Computational Approach Optimizing Push/Pull Flow in an Aerospace Transmission Overhaul Shop
H.A. Kaylani and J.K. Cochran (USA)

Diagnostic Modelling of Digital Systems with Multi-Level Decision Diagrams
R. Ubar, J. Raik, T. Evartson, M. Kruus, and H. Lensen (Estonia)

Set Confidence Interval for Customer Order Cycle Time in Supply Chain using GERT Method
M. Zanddizari (Iran)

Default Risk-based Probabilistic Decision Model on Natural Disasters Risk Control
C.P. Tseng, W.L. Chiang, W.-K. Hsu, D.-M. Hung, C.H. Tsai, and C.W. Chen (Taiwan)

A Novel Fuzzy Regression Approach on Managing Target Cash Balance for Construction Firms
C.W. Chen, C.H. Tsai, C.P. Tseng, M.H.L. Wang, and P.Y. Chung (Taiwan)

Application of Modeling and Control to Structural Systems
C.W. Chen, C.H. Tsai, C.B. Tseng, S.G. Lin, M.H.L. Wang, and P.Y. Chung (Taiwan)

NORTA and Neural Networks based Method to Generate Random Vectors with Arbitrary Marginal Distributions and Correlation Matrix
S.T.A. Niaki and B. Abbasi (Iran)

Topological Shape Signature for 3D Object Modelling
M. Aguilera, Y. Zhang, and A.B. Hamza (Canada)

The Modular Architecture of the Engine Room Simulator
S. Kluj (Poland)

Application of 3D Simulation in Exploitation of Marine Machinery
L. Tomczak (Poland)

Meshless Modeling for Joining Process Simulation
R. Canas, H. Mak, and P. Woodard (Canada)

Mechanical Gain Measurement for a Langevin Vibrator While under Electromechanical Coupling
F. Wen and C.-C. Wen (Taiwan)

Simulating Option Prices and Sensitivities by Higher Rank Lattice Rules
Y. Lai (Canada)

Magneto-Rheological Fluid Dampers Modeling: Numerical and Experimental
N. Yasrebi, A. Ghazavi, M.M. Mashhadi, and A. Yousefi-Koma (Iran)

Toward a Model of Language Acquisition Threshold
H. Fukś and C. Phipps (Canada)

A Mathematical Model for a Flapping-Wing Micro Aerial Vehicle
B. Tarvirdizadeh, A. Yousefi-Koma, E. Khanmirza, and H. Maleki (Iran)

Simulating Saturn's Keeler Gap Region
M.C. Lewis and G.R. Stewart (USA)

A Simulation for Distributed Systems
P. Bayat, M. Bordbar, and M. Challenger (Iran)

Modeling and Analysis of a Resonant Sensor Actuated by a Bent Beam Thermal Actuator
P.A. Hassanpour, W.L. Cleghorn, E. Esmailzadeh, and J.K. Mills (Canada)

Toward an Integrated Verification Environment for Embedded Systems
D. Du, K. He, H. Cao, and Y. Ma (PRC)

Genetic Operators Design using Division Algorithm in the Integer Solution Space
G. Li, B. Wang (PRC), and A. Li (USA)

Catastrophe Risk Modeling and Application-Risk Assessment for Taiwan Residential Earthquake Insurance Pool
W.-K. Hsu, D.-M. Hung, W.L. Chiang, C.P. Tseng, and C.H Tsai (Taiwan)

Maximizing Weld Strength in Chrome Moly Space Frames
J. Wood, B. Jawad, and C. Riedel (USA)

Performance Study of using a New Approach to Transaction Processing in Real-Time Systems
K.-W. Lam, W. Leung (PRC), R.J. Millar, and J.R.P. Hanna (UK)

Projective Clustering using Itemset Discovery for Multi-Dimensional Data Analysis
M.U. Arshad and M.N. Ayyaz (Pakistan)

Modelling Wave-Induced Pressure on Breakwaters
G. Elchahal (France), R. Younes (Lebanon), and P. Lafon (France)

Finite Element Modeling of Smart Structures Integrated with Piezoelectric Materials
N. Shaeri, M.H.S. Lahidjani, and A. Yousefi-Koma (Iran)

Liquid Slip and Thermal Effects on Electroosmotic and Pressure-Driven Flow in a Microchannel
G. Dituba Ngoma and F. Erchiqui (Canada)

Estimation of Velocity Profiles in Natural Channels during High Floods
A. Burnelli, T. Moramarco, and C. Saltalippi (Italy)

Graphic Tool for a Comparative between Fractionally Spaced Equalizers and Synchronous Equalizers
A.C. Ferreira, E.M. Lopes, and S.A. Fasolo (Brazil)

Implementation of a Computational Tool for the Study of the I.S.I. in the Systems of Digital TV
E.M. Lopes (Brazil)

AES Efficient Implementation for Extensible Firmware Interface
T. Chen, Z. He, and W. Hu (PRC)

A Generic Intelligent Network Model
G. N?meth (Hungary)

Simulation and Visualization of Resource Allocation, Control, and Load Balancing Procedures for a Multiprocessor Architecture
C. Zheng and J.R. Heath (USA)

User Interface Characteristics and Network Utilization in Mobile Networks
M. Koivisto (Finland)

A New General Parser for Extensible Languages
I. Lewis (Australia)

Adaptive Code Acquisition with Receive Diversity under Homogeneous Fading Circumstance
H.G. Kang, H. Kwon, I. Song, and J. Bae (Korea)

Modeling of Air/Ground Air Traffic Control Communications for Fast-Time Simulation
L.C. Monticone, R.E. Snow, and P.T.R. Wang (USA)

CACIP: A Pattern for Interfacing Components in a Context-Aware Mobile Environment
S.M. Zuma and M.O. Adigun (South Africa)

A New Security Architecture for Mobile Communication
T. Chen, Y. Huang, F. Chen, and W. Hu (PRC)

Switch Performance Dependent upon Topology in Heavy Load Conditions ? An Argument for Modelling
H. Tammam and W. Fone (UK)

High Speed Routers Design using Reconfigurable Technology
A. El Kateeb and M. Gadde (USA)

A Fuzzy Algorithm for Scheduling Periodic Tasks on Multiprocessor Soft Real-Time Systems
M. Sabeghi, H. Deldari, and S. Khajouei (Iran)

Automated Testing in Software Engineering: Using Ant Colony and Self-Regulated Swarms
P.K. Mahanti (Canada) and S. Banerjee (India)

Implementation of e-Learning in the Western China: A Review
Y. Gao, Y. Lui (PRC), and P.K. Mahanti (Canada)

Conception of Adaptive Programming Languages
A.V. de Freitas and J.J. Neto (Brazil)

Using Signal-Oriented Feature Trees for Model-based Automotive Functions
S. Kubica, W. Friess, T. Koelzow, and W. Schroeder-Preikschat (Germany)

A Robust High-Order Recursive Quadratic Algorithm for Linear-in-the-Parameters Models
Q. Zhu (USA), S. Tan (Singapore), and Y. Qiao (USA)

Automotive Systems Indentification: Application of Neuro-Hybrid Models
V. Assuncao (Germany)

A Method for the Minimum Coloring Problem using Genetic Algorithms
H. Harmanani and H. Abas (Lebanon)

Modeling and Optimization of Chemical Processes: ASCEND IV and Stochastic Optimizers
H.G. Silva and R.L.R. Salcedo (Portugal)

Design Optimization of an Automotive Universal Joint Considering Manufacturing Cost
N. Cristello and I.Y. Kim (Canada)

Dynamics Modelling of Constraints for Reconfigurable Systems
H. Xue, X. Huang, P. Woodard, and J. Dickinson (Canada)

Identification of Chemical Reaction Mechanism from Batch Process Data
D.P. Searson, S.C. Burnham, M.J. Willis, and A.R. Wright (UK)

Variable Identification in Modeling by the KS Monte Carlo-Bootstrap Method in P19 Aluminum Pot Cells
J.I. Paolini R. (Venezuela)

Efficient Computations of Multivariate Normal Distributions with Applications to Finance
Y. Lai (Canada)

Analysis of a Software Reliability Growth Models: The Case of Log-Logistic Test-Effort Function
M.U. Bokhari and N. Ahmad (India)

Investigation of Superposition Method in Smart Structures Actuation and Control
S. Haddadi and A. Yousefi-Koma (Iran)

System Identification Techniques of Smart Structures with Piezoelements
S. Akbari, A. Yousefi-Koma, and E. Khanmirza (Iran)

Influence of Space-Time Rainfall Variability on Urban Runoff
M. Giulianelli, F. Miserocchi, F. Napolitano, and F. Russo (Italy)

Real Time Flood Forecasting of Tiber River in Rome
B. Calvo and F. Savi (Italy)

Structural Measures to Protect Rome from Floods along Tiber River
L. Natale and F. Savi (Italy)

On the Adaptive Component of a Real-Time Flood Forecasting Model
C. Corradini, A. Flammini, R. Morbidelli, and C. Saltalippi (Italy)

On the Adaptive Scheme of a Stage Forecasting Muskingum Model
S. Barbetta, F. Melone, and T. Moramarco (Italy)

A Simulation-based Dynamic Evaluation Methodology for Enterprise Process Performance
W.A. Tan (PRC, Canada), J. Zhao (PRC), and W. Shen (Canada)

Estimation of Receiver Clock Parameters for Improving Accuracy of GPS Relative Satellite Positioning and Attitude Determination
S.G. Lin and C.P. Tseng (Taiwan)

Molecular Dynamics Study of Velocity Slip in Microchannels
A.S. Ziarani and A.A. Mohamad (Canada)

Finite Element Model for New Continuous Reinforced Concrete Pavement (CRCP) using GFRP Bars
M. Eisa, E. El-Salakawy, and B. Benmokrane (Canada)

On Obtaining Material Parameters for General Purpose Finite Element Models
A.S. Milani (USA), W. Dabboussi, C. El-Lahham, J.A. Nemes (Canada), and R.C. Aberyaratne (USA)

Ballistic Penetration into Targets: Use of F.E. Technique
A. Mimaroglu, O. Iyibilgin, and H. Unal (Turkey)

Portfolio Selection with Fuzzy MCDM using Genetic Algorithm ? Application of Financial Engineering
H.-W. Wang (Taiwan)

Utilizing Use Case Classes for Requirement and Traceability Modeling
J. Kelleher (South Africa) and M. Simonsson (Sweden)


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