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This book comes out of the growing serious games initiative, and references both television and video gaming as elements of the same popular culture. It argues, with evidence to back it up, that over the past 30 years, popular culture has consistently gotten smarter and more complex, requiring more brainpower to fully understand and interact with it. This, far more than any violence or sex content, is what has been driving the increasing uptake of this media force, as it forces our brains to engage at a higher and higher level, we seek out more such stimulus, to engage still higher.

It calls this premise the sleeper curve, and this is explored, poked, prodded and looked at every which way, throughout the book, showing how videogames and tv in many specific, evidencible examples, are actually improving cognitive evaluations.

The one real flaw the book does have however, is it focuses solely on American culture, and looks neither at other cultural influences, nor upon other cultures themselves. Another issue is that it is very much an academic work, and shows it. Do not expect a casual reading, easy-going tone with this, as it applies rigorous scientific methodology throughout.

Of course, in its own way that is also good, as if you desire something to wave to prove that video gaming is not by any means a waste of time, then this is the book for you.


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