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This text offers an overview of the N-generation, the generation of children who in the year 2000 will be between the ages of two and 22. This group is a "tsunami" that could force changes in communications, retailing, branding, advertising, and education. The author contends that the N-generation are becoming so technologically proficient that they will "lap" their parents and leave them behind.

Thus, this book is of interest to anyone who is concerned about the direction the future is heading in. because there has not been anything like the net before now, this generation is growing up differently to any generation before. They think differently, they work differently, and work in ways their parents often could not even begin to comprehend.

The book also demonstrates the common characteristics of the N-generation; acceptance of diversity. Because the Net doesn't distinguish between racial or gender identities, people make their own identities, and interactions form long before individuals learn about the gender or ethnic group of their friends. Relationships form based on mind to mind, not on appearance, and socio-economic barriers completely disappear.

Frequently a curiosity that is not so strongly evidenced offline, forms, where people step forth into brave new worlds online, where the rules are oh so very different to the centuries or millennia old established interaction rules offline. They take these new rules, this willingness to adapt with them, into their personal lives.

Part of the book?s purpose is to warn of the real dangers of the digital divide: Two separate cultures are forming. One, is the N-generation, and the other, the less advantaged families with minimal computer access, which are proceeding along the same trends as before, all but oblivious to the net. Without action to bridge the divide, two cultures, almost completely separate and alien to one another, are starting to form.


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