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Site Shop > Possible Worlds: The Social Dynamic Of Virtual Reality Technology

Published in 1996, this book is not exactly up on the current state of VR work, to put things mildly. It is a relic from an era where the hype was still building, the bubble had not burst, and VR seemed destined for mainstream before the century turned.

Still, this 204 page long presentation has weathered the test of time well, and serves as a great introductory book to all the various facets of the technology and its implications ? if the idiosyncrasies of older, long-obsolete technologies, and a slight reliance on an academic writing style can be ignored.

The book is divided into seven chapters, which cross the length and breadth of the industry:

1: Virtual Worlds and Sociological Knowledge
2: From the Ultimate Display to Reality Built for Two and Beyond
3: From the Laboratory to Consumer Electronics
4: Virtual Worlds and Everyday Realities: Education and Games
5: Virtual Worlds and the Varieties of Interactive Experience
6: The Spirit in the Machine
7: Virtual Worlds and the Social Realities of Technology


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